TPARTS Side Window Sunshade Curtain for Tesla Model 3 & Y


Size & Color

Compatible Models:  Tesla Model 3 2017-2023, Model Y 2020-2023

TPARTS adopts environmentally friendly fabric, through the non-destructive and glue-free guide rail patented design, brings you the side curtains suitable for Tesla, effectively preventing ultraviolet rays in Tesla vehicles and better protecting the privacy of the car.

  • Anti-ultraviolet rays: effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, reduce the temperature in the car, and prevent sunburn and aging of the interior parts
  • Privacy protection: Used for a variety of scenarios including camping, mobile office, etc., to easily provide privacy
  • Easy storage: wrap-around storage does not affect normal driving - does not affect opening door and does not block the view inside and outside the car when not in use
  • Simple installation: non-destructive glue-free, simple guide rail patented design installation and effortless removal
  • Environmental material: Environmentally friendly fabrics, naturally hanging, easy to care for and washable
  • 2x front side curtains
  • 2x back side curtains