TPARTS Leather Headrest Neck Pillow for Tesla


Compatible Models
  • Model 3 2018-2023
  • Model 3 Highland 2024
  • Model Y 2020-2024
  • Model S 2021-2024
  • Model X 2021-2024

Introducing our new Leather Headrest Neck Pillow for this summer. A more comfortable way to travel, rest, and relax. Let your car takes care of you.

  • SGS-certified solvent-free environmental leather. Smooth, pliable, and wrinkle-resistant surface

  • Perforated leather allows better breathability and reduces sweating

  • Dupont™ Sorona® filling, eco-friendly, and sustainable material. Lightweight and breathable

  • An adjustable strap with double buckles keeps the pillow in place. The support position is variable depending on the individual's height

  • Matching color and material with the original seat. Consistent with the cabin style

  • Using the same stain-resistant coating as Tesla white seats. Provides hassle-free clean up

SGS-Certified Solvent-Free Environmental Leather

Smooth, Pliable, and Wrinkle-Resistant Surface

Perforated Leather

Allows Better Breathability and Reduces Sweating

Dupont Sorona Filling

Ecofriendly, and Sustainable Material, Lightweight and Breathable

Keeps the Pillow in Place

An Adjustable Strap with Double Buckles Hold Tight the Pillow. The Support Position is Variable Depending on the Individual's Height.

Matching Color and Material with the Original Seat

Adds more beauty and more functionto your Tesla.

Provides Hassle-Free Clean up

Using the Same Stain-Resistant Coating as Tesla White Seats