TPARTS Real Carbon Fiber Side Camera Cover for Model 3 & Y



NOTE: This item is suitable for Tesla Models equipped with HW3.0
The HW4.0 version is coming soon.
Please check the 2nd picture for reference.

Compatible Models:   Tesla Model 3 2017-2023, Model Y 2020-2023

TPARTS Real Carbon Fiber Side Camera Covers
Tparts real carbon fiber side camera covers are the best choice for carbon fiber lovers. ATOS 3D digital measurement makes sure the cover 100% fits the side camera.
  • Available in four color options
  • Toray 3K carbon fiber weave
  • Autoclaving carbon fiber crafting
  • ATOS 3D digital measurement 
  • Fully enclosed design


    • 2x Carbon fiber side camera/signal covers (Left and right)

    Toray 3K Carbon Fiber Weave

    100% real carbon fiber, without a shadow of doubt.

    Fully Enclosed Design

    Completely cover your side camera and add a touch of style

    Autoclaving Carbon Fiber Crafting

    Superior processing

    ATOS 3D Digital Measurement

    Precisely made for the sporty look

    Available in Four Color Options

    What's your style? Come meet yours!