TPARTS Glass Roof Sunshade For Tesla Model 3 & Model Y



  Compatible Models: Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Why choose the TPARTS sunshade?

Although Tesla Panoramic Sunroof is engineered to block 99.9% of harmful UV rays, it does not block the IR ray, which is the heat you feel in the sun. And the closer it is to the roof, the higher the temperature. Tparts Sunshade can effectively block IR ray and keeps the cabin's interior temperature from rising quickly, which can significantly improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning system and cool it down faster. And prevent overheating protection from the start for being startup for too long, therefore saving energy consumption of the vehicle; protecting the interior from sunburn.

  • Newly upgraded anti-collapse design: Model 3/Y Panoramic Sunroof has a large radian, with two-piece seamless splicing and nondestructive clip-on installation, the TPARTS sunshade significantly minimizes the possibility of sag or collapse.

  • Two-in-one new heat insulation material: The facing interior is a woven fabric with dense mesh and refined textures. The black model instantly dims the light inside the car, and the sunshade effect is pronounced; the light grey model is the same as the car roof, perfectly matches the interior tone, and creates a perfect combination with the original car. A silver-coated dot-matrix fabric faces the outside of the vehicle (near the sunroof), comparable to summer sun-proof and heat-insulating umbrellas. The UV+IR blocking rate is higher than 99.9%, which has reached the international certification UPF standard (50+). The polymerized coating that reflects external light is heat resistant, reducing heat transfers.

  • Nondestructive clips are hidden and embedded within the car roof with easy installation and exquisite structure, which firmly holds the sunshade to the car roof and will never fall off.

  • With shape memory manganese steel, it can be stored very small when not in use and doesn't take up space in the car. It can be easily restored to its original shape at any time and fit on the roof without any deformation.

  • More details: Anti-scratch edging cloth to protect the original car glass; all accessories and fabrics have been pre-treated, environmentally friendly, and odorless; there are signs on the front and back, easy to install; box equipped with buckles to prevent loss; waterproof storage bag, recyclable, etc.

  • 1 x Storage bag
  • 10 x Installation clips (for Model 3)
  • 12 x Installation clips (for Model Y)
  • 2 x Sunshade

Newly Upgraded Anti-Collapse Design

With a large radian, seamless splicing and nondestructive clip-on installation, this Tesla sunshade significantly minimizes the possibility of sag or collapse.

Two-In-One New Heat Insulation Material

The woven fabric with dense mesh, refined textures and a silver-coated dot-matrix fabric makes this sunshade heat-proof. 

Nondestructive Clips Hidden, Embedded Within The Car Roof

The exquisite structure firmly holds the sunshade to the car roof and never falls off.

Shape Memory Manganese Steel

The sunshade can be stored very small. It can be restored to its original shape without any deformation.

Details that Make it More Vivid

It adopts anti-scratch edging cloth to protect the original car glass. And, it has TPARTS signs on the front and back.