TPARTS Silicone Console Kit (Set of 3) for Model S/Model X(2021-2024)

By Tparts

Compatible Models:  Model S 2021-2024, Model X 2021-2024

TPARTS Cabin Camera Slide for Tesla

TPARTS Silicone Console Kit (Set of 3) is versatile and practical, designed to seamlessly fits into your vehicle's interior organization with a unique black tune.

Made from eco-friendly, odor-free silicone, they're durable, water-proof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. They adopted an accurate and complex 3D digital measurement for a snug fit the wireless charger, mug slots and console space. Provides damage-free installation and removal.

The wireless charger cover is anti-slip and keeps your phone in place when going over bumpy roads. Aimed to protect the suede console surface while barely adding thickness to it. 

The console storage pad adopted anti-slip coating that secures your items in place while driving over bumpy roads. Protects the flocking console surface. Best utilizes the unused storage space.

The cup holder keeps your drinks secured in place. The unique noise-deadening design prevents your items from rattling. Designed to protect the plastic console surface from damage and spills, keeping it pristine. Premium food-grade specialized silicone gives you peace of mind placing your drinks.

Whether you're a neat Tesla owner or just want to keep your vehicle tidy, this set of 3 is an ideal must-have for Tesla added practicality and aesthetics.

  • 1x Silicone wireless charger cover
  • 1x Silicone console pad
  • 1x Silicone console cup holder