FAQ: TPARTS Side Window Sunshade Curtain for Tesla Model 3/Y

  1. Find The Window Seal And Snap In The Rail To The Window Seal. 

  2. Installation Method A: Hold The Rail By Both Hands And Keep 10cm Spacing Between Two Hands. Push The Rail Into The Gap Between Seal And Window Until It Snaps In With Click Sounds).
  3. Installation Method B: Gently Peel Off The Window Seal, Snap In The Rail To The Gap Between Window And Seal. And Reinstall The Window Seal To Original Place).

Q2.Is there a binding strip on the Tesla side curtain? Where?

  Yes. The Analytic Diagram On The Right Shows Where The Binding Strip Is. 

Q3.What're Included in the Package?

TPARTS Side Window Sunshade Curtain For Tesla Model 3 & Y Includes 4 Curtains And 1 User Manual.

Q4.How To Store The TPARTS Curtain For Tesla?

  1.Bind The Curtain Using Binding Strip.
  2.Hook It Up To Safety Belt Opening Socket.

Q5.How To Remove The Side Curtain For Tesla?

  Remove The Rail By Pulling On One Side To The End.

Q6.Safety Reminder For TPARTS Side Window Sunshade Curtain For Model 3 Model Y

  1. Please Don' t Block Driver/Passenger Side Windows While Driving To Ensure A Safe Driving Vision.
  2. Don' t Roll Down The Windows When It Rains.
  3. Don' t Allow Kids To Pull The Curtains. Users May Hook Up The Front And Back Curtains To Close Any Gaps.