TPARTS Console USB Hub (Dual Type-C) for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X (2021-2023)


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Compatible Models: Tesla Model 3 2021-2023, Model Y 2021-2023, Model S 2021-2023, and Model X 2021-2023 with Dual Type-C ports. *
TPARTS Console USB Hub
  • 4-in-1 design. Intelligent distribution of power and data to all connected devices. Maximum the usability of your Tesla console ports
  • 27W maximum PD fast charging, enjoy the lightning charging speed on your trip
  • Easy installation. Do not interfere with the use of the console storage organizer
  • Applicable device: Gamepad/FLAC music USB/Dashcam/Portable Wifi etc. 
  • Precise & elegant design, molded with ATOS 3D precise scanner, perfectly fits to the console wall 
  • LED trim and luminous indicators, user-friendly in dark environments
  • 1x Dual Type-C console USB hub


*Due to the chip shortage, Tesla canceled the data transmission function at the console USB ports. If you are a 2022-2023 Tesla model 3/Y owner, please make sure your console data function works to ensure the full functionality of the USB hub. 

4 in 1 Design

Intellgent distribution of power and data to all connected device
Applicable device: Game pad/FLAC music USB/Dashcam/Portable Wifi

Fast Charging

27W maximum PD charging speed

Concise & Durable Structure

Customized for Model3/Y/S/X (2021-2023) refreshed console

LED Trim and Luminous Indicators

Retain some ambient light when you drive in late night

Easy Installation

Use the installation kit with the installation video offered to fast elevate your Tesla Interiors